The project

Pixbattle is a responsive web application which allows any user to set up a photo contest on a particular topic within a group of his choice (family, friends, colleagues etc.).

Each member of the group has to upload a picture and in the end, after discovering all the pictures, will have to vote for his favorite ones. The winner will choose the theme of the next contest.

The aim of this 2-month remote project was to create and deploy a full stack web application (React.js, Node.js and MySQL) for an entrepreneur and apply the knowledge acquired during the training (agile methodology, customer management, coding, deployment etc.).

Main Features

User profile page List of the user's groups The user's ranking compared to his contacts Upload the pictures
These are some screenshots of the application
  • Ability to sign up, invite people, create a group and/or join an existing one
  • Ability to upload a picture and vote for the favorite ones
  • Display of the battle rankings and pictures
  • Creation and management of user accounts with a record of the battles, victories, pictures and groups
  • Mailing notification system


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👉Play here
👉Check the source code of the Frontend here
👉Check the source code of the Backend here