Virtual Waiting Room

The project

The Virtual Waiting Room is an award-winning front-end web application developed on June 24th - 26th 2020 during a 48h remote hackathon with Doctolib, Dataiku and Wild Code School on the topic of remote healthcare.

We decided to design a virtual assistant for medical practitioners to help managing the waiting time during a tele consultation.

Main Features

Simulated doctolib interface Welcome page of the virtual room Virtual waiting room with a simulated doctor's interface
These are some screenshots of the virtual waiting room
  • Welcoming message :
    • A message from a welcoming bot confirms that the patient will be notified when his turn comes.
  • Virtual waiting room:
    • A virtual queue which shows the user’s turn among the patients and user’s webcam
    • The first counter recalls how many people are scheduled before the user
    • The second counter is an estimated waiting time
    • A chatbot confirming the personal information and asking basic check up questions
  • Doctor’s dashboard:
    • The practitioner can welcome a new patient
    • Inform a potential delay to all patients


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👉 Check the source code and the team here